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Kempten/Allgaeu (Germany), September 2015. OTT Hydromet introduces a new probe for conducting environmental monitoring tasks. The OTT PLS-C unit provides basic water quality indicators by measuring water level, temperature and conductivity. Its extremely low power consumption makes this probe ideal for long-term deployment, particularly at measurement stations provided with solar power.

“OTT Hydromet has several decades of experience measuring and incorporating conductivity sensors in stand-alone instruments including the OTT CTD, OTT ecoLog 800, and Hydrolab multiple parameter sondes (HL4 and Series 5: MS5, DS5, and DS5X, and Quanta) ,” said Christel Valentine, the OTT Hydromet Product Manager. “Expanding our portfolio of conductivity and level measurement options is the OTT PLS-C, which integrates a conductivity sensor in our SDI-12 pressure level probe and enables reliable, long-term surface and groundwater monitoring of conductivity, salinity, or total dissolved solids (TDS).”

In day-to-day monitoring, the PLS-C probe stands out because it is hard-wearing and easy to use. Any mechanical loads resulting from lowering the probe rapidly into deep groundwater wells, for example, are not a problem. And there is no need to worry about damaging the sensors when cleaning the pressure and conductivity cell.

The precise ceramic capacitive pressure cell withstands mechanical impacts and aggressive media. It is also stable over the long term, virtually drift-free and protected against overloads of up to at least four times its measuring range. For precise water level data, outside influencing factors such as temperature or atmospheric pressure are compensated in the probe electronics.

The four-electrode integrated conductivity measuring cell has already proven its worth in deployment in OTT groundwater dataloggers worldwide. It remains unaffected by polarization effects and is immune to any contamination. A Windows-based software is provided for its regular calibration, which also guides unpracticed users safely through the process. Flexible connection options simplify communication by means of a PC.

With its sealed-in waterproof electronics, its salt-water resistant stainless steel housing and robust probe cable, the PLS-C can also be deployed in harsh operating conditions – this includes monitoring wastewater in mining or saltwater intrusion in areas that are close to the coast.

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