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Safety for flow measurement in rivers and channels

New cable way system for OTT Hydromet

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Kempten (Germany), October 2016. A new cable way system for flow measurements using the vertical method has been added to the range by the manufacturer OTT Hydromet. The solid, maintenance-free equipment is designed for span lengths of up to 160 m. It has been DEKRA type approved, and ensures safe, smooth operation.

"The new OTT cable way system is the consistent, continued development of our system that has already been in operation worldwide for decades", said Hannes Tietz, Product Manager at OTT. "Proven features have been retained. The new cable way system is, however, tailored even better to the demands of our customers, both with respect to stability and functionality. For example, there is a new, smooth-running brake/clutch combination for the winch. It is now possible to switch more smoothly and almost silently between horizontal movements and lowering or raising the trolley." The modern three-phase motor with electrical winches works more energy-efficiently thanks to inverter technology. The start-up and speed performance have been optimised.

Because no station is the same as another, the equipment can be supplied in five versions. For large measurement cross-sections, the track and towing cables are tensioned with a gas pressure spring tensioner. It compensates for temperature changes and prevents slack during high temperatures and excess load on support posts during cold temperatures as a result. For span lengths up to 20 metres, the turnbuckle tensioner is sufficient. All cables are constructed for long-term use. The trolley that transports the measuring instrument along the track cable is a single-arm design. It thus requires only a single running wheel and continues to run quietly and smoothly even after years of use. The towing cable and current meter cable can optionally be driven mechanically or electrically. In the process, the winches can be operated from the right or left side and can be supplied for horizontal or vertical cable exit.

All components of the OTT cable way system are maintenance-free. In addition, the gearbox has lifetime lubrication, making lubrication or oil changes no longer necessary. Safety requirements are met in every respect, from the emergency-stop button of the controller to the overload protection.


About OTT Hydromet GmbH:

The globally operating OTT Hydromet GmbH can look back on a more than 140-year history and has its headquarters in Kempten in Germany. In Europe, it is the leading provider of complete hydrometric systems for performing hydrological and meteorological tasks. Its subsidiaries and agencies in more than 90 countries all over the world supply efficient solutions in hydrometrics, meteorology, and environmental technology.

Through the fusion of three independent companies (OTT Hydromet, Hydrolab and Adcon Telemetry) in 2002 and 2011, as well as the expansion with the independent companies Sutron and Lufft in 2015/16, the OTT Hydromet Group has the expertise of a company growing internationally. With its trend-setting measurement and communication technology in the fields of water quality, water quantity, meteorology, data management and telemetry, the company contributes sustainably to protecting the environment.


For further information:

OTT Hydromet GmbH

Ludwigstraße 16

87437 Kempten


Picture 1: OTT cable way system, shown with electric double winch and portable controller
  Picture 2: The measuring instrument, here a floating current meter, hangs from the current meter cable and is transported by the trolley to the respective verticals. 
  Picture 3: The single-arm trolley with only a single running wheel runs quietly and smoothly along the track cable.

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