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Bogen, March 2024. There are often compelling reasons for accessibility in building projects – occupational safety, inclusion and demographic change all play a role. Deceuninck offers a technically sophisticated and yet economically efficient solution here: the truly barrier-free “Easystep” threshold for the Elegant 76 and 84 series’ house and balcony doors with zero centimetre drive-over height.

The Elegant profile system combines minimalist design with excellent thermal insulation. Different sash designs and frame depths can be freely combined. This means that variable solutions are available for all building requirements and new construction projects as well as renovations. They range from design-orientated to classic. Deceuninck is now offering an addition to the Elegant series for sustainable and future-proof living with the Easystep barrier-free threshold for balcony and front doors.

“Even thresholds with just 1 or 2 cm drive-over height can be a tripping hazard for toddlers and older people. Our flush-to-floor Easystep threshold is no longer an obstacle for the ride-on bobycars used by children, walking frames and the like,” says Christian Dietl, the Head of Technology at Deceuninck Germany.

Easystep also scores highly in all areas when it comes to structural advantages: A lowerable mechanical gasket in the sash guarantees a high level of watertightness (8A for front doors, balcony doors and false mullion doors), while a stainless steel drainage system ensures targeted and con-trolled water drainage. Structural damage caused by water in this area is now a thing of the past.

The barrier-free threshold is in no way inferior to Elegant’s outstanding thermal insulation properties – as a thermally separated threshold, it optimises the floor connection and thus prevents expensive heat loss.

Because of its additional locking feature in the threshold area, it also helps prevent burglars from entering, while its removable kick plate makes cleaning easier.

The Easystep threshold for the Elegant series is therefore not only barrier-free, but also second to none in both structural and economic terms.

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