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Bogen, March 2024. At Fensterbau Frontale 2024, Deceuninck will present the unique ThermoFibra glass fibre technology as one of the key innovations used in window and door profiles offered in the Elegant series. ThermoFibra makes it possible to produce window and door profiles that can provide even better thermal insulation, offer a unique degree of stability and have an even thinner rebate of just 7 mm, all without using an ounce of steel.

The Elegant ThermoFibra Infinity profile system with a basic depth of 76 mm utilises the latest window technology. Deceuninck integrates continuous glass fibre strands into the outer sides of the profile – a unique technology on the market. By eliminating the steel reinforcement, more inner webs can be integrated: This creates enormous stabilisation and improved geometry of the profiles. What’s more, the weight is significantly reduced while thermal insulation values rise to the highest level. In addition, the designers succeeded in reducing the rebate by an additional 2 mm, positioning the Elegant ThermoFibra Infinity as the slimmest PVC window with an aluminium look on the market.

Combined with the Forthex thermal reinforcement made of PVC foam with stable PVC sheathing and integrated steel cables in the frame, further improved thermal insulation of Uf 0.85 W/m2K can be achieved without compromising on design. This outstanding value also applies to ThermoFibra balcony and front door profiles. The improved pull-out values compared with steel reinforcement increase burglary protection to RC2.

Forthex also simplifies assembly. It does so in two ways: The elements are significantly lighter and easier to install, and screwing through the foam is also an advantage.

The elimination of steel and corner welding connectors in the ThermoFibra front door also reduces excess inventory management and considerably shortens processing times.
The technology can be integrated into the normal industrial production process during preparation. Compared with the steel-reinforced Elegant front door, the weight can be reduced by up to 40 % – although, as with the steel variant, similar element sizes of up to 2.50 m are possible.

ThermoFibra facilitates maximum sizes with significantly lower weight and thus expands the design possibilities of daylight architecture: With ThermoFibra in the sash, modern, large window elements of up to 2.40 m can be produced for light-flooded rooms – without steel. Thanks to the optimised rebate geometry, even taller elements with additional glass edge bonding can be built.

The use of recycled PVC in the profile core also makes them particularly sustainable. Forthex is made from 100 % recycled material, which means that certain frame/sash combinations achieve a recycled content of more than 55 %, as required by some local authorities. Finally, thanks to the long fibres, the profiles are fully recyclable in Deceuninck's own recycling plant.

A revised colour range of 57 foils with additional fashionable colours such as graphite black matt or foils in aluminium look, as well as warm wooden hues round out the futuristic window. With both round and square glazing beads for aluminium-look windows, there are almost no limits to design freedom.

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