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Bogen, March 2024. Deceuninck, a leading supplier of PVC window and door profiles, will use this year’s Fensterbau Frontale trade fair in Nuremberg as a showcase for its innovative PROtex 2.0 roller shutter system. Quick installation, a well-considered structural concept, reduced complexity and a high degree of airtightness as a standard feature are the main strengths of the product.

PROtex 2.0 has already established itself as a successful all-rounder, as the innovative range fulfils all the requirements of a solution-oriented roller shutter system. The screw connection and the optional patented clip system that requires absolutely no screws at all guarantee the very highest level of airtightness and stability. PROtex 2.0 facilitates extremely quick and simple installation, joins the components to ensure standard airtightness and enables a high degree of automation.

In particular, the system eases the job of installation: The box can be simply snap-fitted – an unbeatable advantage particularly for wide elements – and the console also has accessories that can be clipped. In addition to significantly simplifying installation, it eliminates the painstaking job of detaching screws upon removal. The all-round moulded seal on the consoles and additional gaskets between the profiles ensure maximum airtightness as standard. PROtex 2.0 not only fulfils class 2 (the highest requirement with regard to reference air permeability) of DIN 18073, but also falls below the requirements many times over. At the same time, the interaction between the seal on the console and the profiles ensures increased rigidity for the benefit of the statics and facilitates the highest thermal insulation levels with Usb values of less than 0.8 W/m2K and a statutory temperature factor fRsi ≥ 0.70.

PROtex 2.0 offers three box sizes, which are available as surface-mounted and flush-mounted (concealed) variants, an additional solution with maintenance from below for lift-and-slide doors as well as an external Venetian blinds variant and an option for outside maintenance. The PROtex 2.0 all-rounder roller shutter box is a cleverly thought-out, complete system with simple mounting for both new construction projects and renovation solutions with maximum flexibility for all types of windows and building requirements.

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